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City Plastics is Temporarily Closed During SA’s Covid Circuit Breaker Shut Down.

Please feel free to communicate with us via email   info@cityplastics.com.au   and please include your full name and phone number with the details of your enquiry.  We will be checking emails regularly at this time and thank you for your support.  We also wish all our valued clients and friends all the best during these trying times.  See You All Soon!!

Employee Protection Screens, PPE & Covid-19 Screens

Now available at City Plastics are custom fabricated protection screens and sneeze guards.

These can be made to different specifications and models with quick turn around.

Most commonly made from 6mm Clear Acrylic, however these can also be produced in 4.5mm Clear Acrylic.

Speak to us about your requirements.

Letter Box style
Leans back slightly and is 595mm Wide, 800mm High with a 300mm x 150mm Cut Out and it’s fabricated with 6mm Clear Acrylic.
$119.00 inc GST

Interlocking Bases Style
The Screen is 800mm High and 1200mm Wide 6mm Clear Acrylic – We intend to include a cut out on the bottom edge.
Bases may be square and also Clear Acrylic.
$199.00 inc GST

Vertical Returns with Cut Out
The front of this is 800mm High and 800mm Wide with 200mm Returns using 6mm Clear Acrylic with a wide cut out on the bottom edge.
$199.00 inc GST